Mr & Miss Mumbai 2015 by N30-Production

Website and catalog design work done for upcoming Mr. & Miss. Mumbai 2015 event by N30-Production.

Website is hand coded with Single page responsive structure. Site used mixture of PHP and plain HTML for coding and google web-fonts. Site is hosted on indian based Linux server because we need only local coverage. There is no CDN used as we are not expecting huge load and our web-host is enough to handle estimated visitors.


Update :- N30 Domain is expired

Ruse multimedia – Web Design

Website designed for Ruse Multimedia is now online and working fine.
Web Design have simple look nothing fancy coded in basic html, CSS and javascripts. Concept designing is done in CorelDraw and wordpad used for coding.

Ruse Multimedia website screenshot

Update 1: Ruse Multimedia no longer using our design. got a VPS ! got a VPS, and all sub-domains will be served from VPS with optimized settings.

Thank you HOST1FREE  for free VPS.

Update : 1 – is no more hosted on HOST1FREE, We are thankful for wonderful service.

Failover with Google Drive

Is your website often goes down, do you use free web host service or host website from home with dynamic ip, then i have come up with the solution to keep your website always online. In this howto we are going to use google drive to host our failover script.
This solution is free, major requirements is you must have third party DNS host like ZoneEdit and Google account, considering you have own domain name with admin rights.

So lets begain.

First click me, By clicking new Windows/Tab will open and will display as below

Screenshot of response after clicking link - Failover with Google Docs

Now Make a copy by Clicking “Yes, make a copy.” It will create a copy of document

Screenshot after document copied - Failover with Google Docs