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Artwork Colors are in CMYK format.

Speeding up website

I am not a IT Certified guy, so please excuse my mistakes.

For speeding up WordPress blog you need not to be a IT Guru because we are not going to write codes, only need knowledge and rights for installing software and some straight habit of reading documents is enough.

So how exactly we are going to increase speed of our blog and why we need CirruxCache and GAE, the answer is CDN. Typically our websites are hosted on a single web server with a very few mirror web servers at different locations but mostly mirror servers are used as a backup solution. In case of CDN it have many more servers situated around earth probably one in your city, CDN is a cache server it makes copy’s of website’s static contents and CirruxCache is a Python application used to Automatically cache static contents of our site to Google App engine to use as CDN server. NOTE:Google App Engine is not a CDN server but we are going to use it as CDN because of its speed and Cloud based System.

When someone visit our website in case single web server visitors computer request/loads all website contents from our central web server and if distance between visitor and server is far across oceans then digital data need to travel through the submarine cables with lots of routes resulting delay in website content loading. (more…)