Sweet Home


Its a 3D model of a house, model looks so incomplete and looks 2D drawn vector art but actually its a 3D model created in a Autodesk Maya 5.0 by me.

Story behind this model is, because of some weird things we forcefully needed to renew our house, at that time i am the only person who have a responsibility of completing this task neatly, so i needed to plan the design as we are unable to hire a professionals, at that time i have absolutely no knowledge of 3D art but i have heard of the 3DMax software, but my computer engineer have a Maya installer only so i decided to go with Maya because of no knowledge 3DMax Or Maya both are same for me, So after first launch Maya displayed a Learning Movies box in that i learned to rotate doll etc. and i stared to experimenting but because of time shortage i concentrated on gathering required knowledge only.

And result is shown above, its made by polygons only without any extraction or any smoothing techniques, its created the way we use playing cards to form the shapes, and the major thing is above model is a screen-shot of the perspective view as i am unaware of render button (i discovered it recently).

So i want to tell learners that don’t worry go ahead click anywhere in Maya you want,  only thing can happens is you will mess-up with Maya’s interface simply solution for that is go to My Documents find Maya folder in that look for the folder names Maya version say “5.0”, “2008”,  “8.5” etc. delete that folder and restart Maya. Good Luck.